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Call Us
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Bussiness Hours
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Tucson Arizona




A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson  is a preferred vendor for furniture and junk removal services in Arizona. 

We remove rubbish, debris, wood, bricks, metal, and all types of garbage, or trash you may have. We provide same day junk removal service for Tucson and  Arizona .  Our vehicles are amongst the largest in the industry, offering 35-40 cubic yards of space for hauling junk. Utilizing our large vehicles will allow for us to haul your house and office junk in one haul, and the ability to finish in just a few hours.

We are insured, and bonded as well for our your protection. Our personnel are dedicated and careful regarding the safety of your home and business. Call now (520) 353-3421 and receive immediate pricing for removal.

Junk Removal Tucson | Junk Pick Up Tucson Arizona

A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson is the top of the line company for Junk Removal in Tucson. We offer a wide range of services ranging, but not limited too: Junk Removal, Demolition, Cleaning Out Services, Hauling Services, and anything else you might need.

Barn or Shed Junk Removal Tucson

At A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson we believe there should be a company that believes in servicing their community for their environment. Our services are provided for residential areas in Tucson Arizona as well as to commercial businesses. Taking on junk like old beat up furniture, debris left from construction areas, broken down sheds and debris.

We proudly take on the responsibility as well as calling a junk removal business in Tucson. In this manner, we serve the communities all around the Tucson area. Our disposal methods are compliant to regulations and guidelines provided by the State of Arizona  and the city of Tucson. Contact us today if you are in need of a junk removal in Tucson.

The A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson Services We Offer & More

  • Trash & Junk Removal Tucson
  • Furniture Removal, Appliances & General Junk Removal
  • Construction & Renovation Rubbish Removal
  • Hot Tub Removal & Spa Removal
  • Business, Estate, & Foreclosure Clean Outs
  • Trash Removal, Garbage Removal, & Debris Removal.
  • Bulk Removal in Tucson

Our Junk Removal Services! We haul it all!

  • Household Junk Removal Services
  • Clean Outs / Demolition
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Office Clean Out Tucson
  • Container Services
  • Furniture Removal
  • Appliance Removal Tucson
  • Refrigerator Removal
  • Freezer Removal
  • V. Removal
  • Tire Removal Tucson
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Mattress Removal Tucson
  • Leaf Removal
  • Piano Removal
  • Carpet Removal
  • Hoarder Cleanout
  • Garage Cleanout
  • Demolition Cleanout
  • Junk Cleanout Tucson
  • Basement Cleanout
  • House Cleanout Tucson
  • Interior Demolition
  • & Exterior Demolition
  • Dismantling & Salvage
  • Foundation
  • Roof Removal
  • Site Clearing
  • Masonry Products
  • Sinks
  • Concrete
  • Large Tree Stumps
  • Bricks, Logs
  • Soil / Dirt
  • Shingles, Tiles
  • Bath Tubs
  • Gravel
  • Insulation
  • Computer Recycling
  • Printer Recycling
  • Monitor Recycling
  • Fixtures
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Shelving
  • Mini Containers
  • 10-40 Yard Dumpster
  • Rentals
  • Packer Truck Services
  • Excavation


Do you need affordable junk removal Tucson or furniture picked up and removed of right away? No problem! If you are in the Tucson metro area, we are available, providing same day junk removal Tucson!

Our trucks are a full 4 times larger than our competitors! We remove all junk, furniture, rubbish, and debris, everything in one trip with one truck. No need to hassle with multiple trucks or an all day job when we can remove all of the junk, furniture, debris, or clutter in one trip, hauling up to 4 loads at a time, from one item removal such as a couch, bed, or dresser, to a hoarding clean out, or an estate clearance we will be at your service same day.

For same day service call us now at (520) 353-3421  today to book an appointment.


Our company is based in Tucson and services the metro Tucson for pick up and removal services. We will clean out your home or business quickly whether your need be furniture removal, hoarding clean out, estate clearance/clean out, office furniture clean outs, or general hauling and debris removal. Be sure to check out our special offers for junk removal.

We remove waste and unwanted items from apartments, houses, construction sites, and all businesses. Whether you need carting of one item or an office or home full of junk furniture we are at your service. We passionately assist with estate clearance/clean outs, and hoarding clean outs, realizing a time for compassion. All home and business clean outs receive 10% discount, and senior citizens receive 10% on all removals except for one item removals.

Call (520) 353-3421 to book your appointment for trash removal in Tucson metropolitan area or click on the button above to schedule your appointment, same day service is available.


Residential Junk Pickup Tucson

Whether you have bulk junk removal and hauling jobs in Tucson, an old couch or mattress to be removed in Tucson, or require appliance removal or rubbish removal, our professional and friendly staff is here to help. Our trucks hold 35-45 cubic yards of junk and furniture, allowing us to pick up, haul, and dispose of 3-4 times more junk than the standard truck that is normally used in Tucson Arizona for junk and furniture removal services. Because of the size of our trucks we are able to handle large junk removal jobs like estate clearance, and hoarding clean outs the same day. Our junk removal specials make us one of the company of choice to use for all rubbish removal, and furniture removal services.

As  one of the leading junk clean out and removal service in the Tucson Arizona area, we treat every customer with respect, courtesy, and professionalism. We happily and humbly are at your service.

  • Appliance pickup Tucson
  • Mattress pickup Tucson
  • Furniture pickup Tucson
  • Home clean out Tucson
  • Clutter removal Tucson
  • Hoarding sorting and cleanup
  • Junk disposal Tucson
  • Waste and rubbish disposal

As your local Nebraska junk removal specialists we give you the peace of mind that your junk is disposed in the most ethical possible, including full recycling, donation, sorting, disposal, and green waste disposal.

Call us at (520) 353-3421 today to book an appointment.



A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson is a professional local removal company that specializes in junk, rubbish, and furniture removal for residential homes and commercial business customers in the Tucson Arizona area.

We will remove unwanted items from apartments, homes, construction sites and businesses. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single item, construction debris, or an office or garage full of waste, we will transform your cluttered space into a usable one. Any and all recyclables will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, and we will provide cleaning services after removal.

You can count on the removal professionals at our company to safely remove your unwanted items. We’ll come to straight to you and haul it away that same day. Call (520) 353-3421 to get a free pricing quote on junk removal in Tucson, or click on the link at the right to schedule your appointment. Same day service is also available.


Our home improvement services extend to garage, basement, and attic cleaning services. We remove almost anything including boxes of old toys, papers, furniture, exercise equipment, construction debris, appliances, old tires, yard waste, electronics, debris, old carpeting and flooring, and abandoned items. Simply tell us the items you need removed and we will clean-up the space so that everything is as fresh and clean as a new one. Our junk pick up professionals do all the work to remove any unwanted items.

If you are planning on a garage, attic, or basement cleanout, A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson will take care of it for you. We can break down shop furniture, cardboard boxes, and fixtures, and we always recycle what we can.

Call (520) 353-3421 to get a quote on our garage, basement, and attic cleaning services today, or click on the link at the right to schedule your appointment. Same day service is available.


Our junk removal services include removing and hauling away your unwanted items from anywhere on your property. Your space will be ready to move in or move out, without having the rubbish in the way.

If your property is listed for sale or rent, call us to remove all of the junk and clean the carpets, walls, and windows to make it ready to show or move in. Or if you are moving out of a leased apartment and need to make sure you get your deposit back, let us remove all of the junk household furniture, unwanted items, trash, garbage and other moving debris to leave the place spotless.

We even disinfect bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other rooms. We can pressure wash garages and driveways or steam clean your carpets when we’re done removing the junk.

Call (520) 353-3421 to get a free junk removal pricing quote today, or click on the link at the right to schedule your appointment. Same day service is available.


Commercial Junk Pickup Tucson

We provide junk removal and hauling service to building owners, property managers, retail stores, and office commercial businesses in the entire Tucson Arizona Metro Area. Our commercial furniture removal services for offices, and all businesses make us one of the cities finest choices for commercial junk clean outs. We remove debris, junk, rubbish, furniture, cubicles from commercial and residential properties. We are available for regular service in the Tucson area to pickup packing materials, demolition debris, or construction materials for disposal.

We are aware of the issues that you face as a business owner. We work with you to ensure that your junk pickup and removal needs in Tucson stay within your budget. We have built our company on trust and professionalism and provide for all of our customers junk removal needs. We provide office junk clean out Tucson.

Our commercial Tucson Arizona junk removal service includes:

  • Store fixture pickup and removal Tucson
  • Office cubicle pickup and removal Tucson
  • Furniture pickup and removal Tucson
  • Construction debris pickup Tucson
  • Foreclosure and storage clean outs Tucson
  • Demolition debris pickup and removal Tucson

Call us at (520) 353-3421 today to book an appointment.


Another excellent service we provide is construction debris removal before and after you build or renovate your home. By calling our company, you will save time, money and energy and your property or yard will be ready to occupy or visit faster. We cater specifically to residential and commercial contractors as well as do-it-yourself builders.

We know how important it is to maintain a clean and organized construction site. Waste materials can lead to safety hazards and upset property owners. By using our services, you eliminate the hassle of getting a dumpster permit from your city, paying to rent a dumpster, potentially damaging your driveway or your lawn, and having a truck come more than once. Our debris pick up services will clean up your construction site fully and recycle what we can.

Our trucks are larger than our competitors and our rates are cheaper. Our company also provides maid services and commercial cleaning services to make the process even easier.

Call (520) 353-3421 to get a free quote on debris and furniture removal in Tucson or click on the link at the right to schedule your appointment. Same day service is available.


At A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson, we haul away just about anything (with the exception of hazardous materials). Contact us and we will provide a free estimate, remove and haul away your items, tidy up afterward, and dispose of the items responsibly. We will always serve you with Respect, Integrity, and Trust.

Appliance Removal Tucson

When it is time to replace your old appliances, removing them on your own is a mighty task. A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson is here to serve and dispose of your old appliances responsibly.

Refrigerator Removal Tucson

Old refrigerators are difficult to haul away. Not only that, they leak toxic chemicals that harm the environment if they’re just tossed into a landfill. A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson knows just what to do in order to safely, responsibly remove your fridge.

Carpet Removal Tucson

Nothing freshens up a room like new carpeting. Call on A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson to get rid of your old carpeting. We will remove and recycle so that you can enjoy your fresh space.

Mattress Disposal Tucson

Not many places take old mattresses. Plus, they are cumbersome to move throughout your home. A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson will remove and utilize responsible recycling solutions.

Couch Removal Tucson

Unless you have a truck, you can’t remove a couch on your own. Because of their size, couches cannot be placed on the curb with normal trash. A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson can handle removes couches and furniture of all sizes.

Television Disposal Tucson

Televisions can be heavy, unsightly. They are not easy to dispose and must be treated responsibly. They can be recycled, if you know how to do it. A1 Junk Removal Of Tucson removes TVs of all kinds and makes sure everyone is recycled properly.